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Custom Area Rugs

Custom Area Rugs

Welcome to the new and exciting world of
 Custom Design Area Rugs.

We are proud to introduce to you a program filled with color, textures and designs that are limited only by your imagination.  Each rug is a handcrafted original. Pick and choose your color and pattern .Create your custom design with a wide variety of color combinations, as seen from all of the colors and some of the patterns below.

Prices  begin at $15.00 sq. ft. for a simple outside border rug

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custom rug template 001



mar vista
la sirena

rave review 1

kane aragon 1


Below is an example of an 8ft x 10ft rug with a 6″ border


Style: RAVE REVIEW (Z6871)
Color: MUSLIN (00112)
Shape: Rectangle
Edge: Bind
Backing: Black Felt
Width: 8′ 0″
Length: 10′ 0″
Inside Border Style: EMBRACE (Z6865)
Inside Border Color: BOARDWALK (00755)
Inside Border Width: 6″
Carpet Selections
Field Style/Color
Style: Z6871 Color: 00112
Inside Border Style/Color
Style: Z6865 Color: 00755


ancient garden area rugs

Sale Price
7’10″ ROUND-……$499.00
7’10” X 10’10”….$599.00


Some facts about area rugs

Customized Area Rugs manufactured and installed
Custom Area Rug
with Kane Prints & Patterns


Area Rugs

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Choose from a variety of MOHAWK

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From Contemporary, Oriental and Floral designs, in a variety of sizes.
Prices range from $49.00 for a 2’1″ x 3’8″ size to $579.00 for a 8′ x 11′ size