Wood Flooring

Below is a video of different wood types and structures


new wood flooring racks

3/4″ Solid Oak 2 1/4″
$6.49sq ft
3/8″ Engineered 3″
$5.49 sq ft
3/8″ Engineered
3″ Lock & Fold

$4.79 sq. ft.
material only

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Engineered-vs-Solid Wood Flooring

Solid hardwood floors are milled from a single 3/4″ thick piece of hardwood. A solid hardwood floor can be sanded and refinished almost infinitely at least a couple generations, until you get to the tongue & groove. Solid hardwood floors expand and contract with changes in in temperature like the humidity in Spring & Summer and the dry weather during Winter. Expert flooring installers will allow for this movement by leaving an expansion gap between the hardwood floor and the wall. Traditionally base molding or quarter round is used to hide this gap left for expansion.

Engineered hardwood floors are hardwood too…just not solid hardwood throughout. The top layer is real hardwood but the sub-layers are plywood. Engineered hardwood floors also come in different qualities. You can buy a 1 mil engineered hardwood floor or you can buy a 6 mil engineered hardwood floor. For each mil you can sand and refinish once and you always have to have a mil remaining.

For a complete look at Wood Floors go to any one of the following manufacturers:
Mullican, Mannington, Mirage, Triangulo
When it comes to natural beauty it’s hard to beat the look and warmth of a real hardwood floor. Like most floor covering products, prefinished hardwood flooring has changed dramatically over the past few years.
Wood floors basically come in solid 3/4″ thick or engineered wood floors which usually have 3 to 5 ply layers. Solid 3/4″ come prefinished or unfinished and can only be installed above grade and nailed in only. Because engineered floors are dimensionally stable, they can be installed anywhere in the home, including on concrete slabs, if moisture isn’t present. These wood floors can be glued, nailed or floated over many common types of sub floors. Wood floors range from narrow 21/4″ strips to 5″ planks in a choice of colors and the most popular finishes of gloss, semi-gloss and satin which have aluminum oxide scratch resist built into the finish.


Some videos of installed jobs


Solid 3/4″ Oak

2 1/4″ $4.95, 3″ $5.69, 4″ or 5″ $5.95 sq. ft.
Mullican solid wood flooring

Engineered Wood

3/8″thick 5 ply 3″ $3.79 5″ $3.99 sq. ft.
turlington wood flooring

1/2″ thick 7 ply 3″ $5.39 , 5″ $5.59sq. ft.
mull hillshire wood flooring

3/8″ 7 ply 3″ $3.69 5″ $3.99 sq. ft.
Mullican wood flooring


Maple Hardwood

3/4″ Solid 3″,4″ $6.29, 5″ $6.99
Mullican maple wood flooring



5/8″ Solid Bamboo 3 3/4″ wide Horizontal $3.99 sq. ft.
bamboo wood flooring

Vertical $4.19 sq. ft.
bamboo vertical wood flooring

Strand Weave Bamboo $4.99 sq. ft.
bamboo strand wood flooring


Exotic Wood Floors

Brazilian Cherry 3/4″ solid 3″ $6.99, 5″ $7.99 sq. ft.
mull brazilian cherry wood flooring


Lock n Fold Hardwood

Mirage 4 5/16″ wide $7.99
mirage lock & fold wood flooring

Oak 3/8″ 5 ply 3″ $4.79, 5″ $4.99 sq. ft.
turlington-lock-n-fold-oak wood flooring

Maple 3/8″ 5 ply 3″ $6.98, 5″ $7.49
maple wood flooring

Hickory 3/8″ 3″ $7.29, 5″ $7.69
hickory wood flooring

3/8″, 5″ wide Oak Engineered $4.49 sq. ft.
oak wood flooring

3/8″, 5″ wide Maple, Hickory & Walnut Maple $4.99, Hickory $4.79, Walnut $5.39

1/2″ x 8 1/4″ wide x 87″ long White Oak,Oak Gunstock, Oak Cocoa,
Oak American $5.25 sq. ft.Maple & Red Oak $6.15 sq. ft.

1/2″ x 5″ wide Hand Scraped Hickory $4.89 sq. ft.  
hickory wood flooring

1/2″ x 5″ wide Hand Scraped $5.19 sq. ft. 
Acacia-golden-teak wood flooring

Asian-Walnut wood flooring


Wood Refinishing

Hardwood floors add beauty and character to any home.
Refinishing a wood floor is a necessary step to prolonging its life and restoring its natural beauty.
This is often a process many people would prefer to avoid.
Many homes have wall-to-wall carpet. We can remove your old carpet and pad, move all your furniture if necessary and re-finish your wood floors.
Typically we would sand the floor to the bare wood, apply a sealer coat and then apply two coats of a polyurethane finish in a gloss, semi-gloss or satin finish. We also could stain the wood floor in various different color stains. Upon inspection of the floors we can perform any needed repairs or plank replacements


Some Before & After Pictures

Wood re-finish job in Wayne wood flooring
New 3/4″ solid Oak with a Red Mahogony finish

Stair tread replacement wood flooring
Stair tread replacement with new oak treads

parquet re-fininsh job wood flooring
Parquet refinished with a darker stain

1100 sq ft wood flooring
Red Oak refinished natural stain

500 sq ft re-finish wood flooring
500 sq. ft. refinished white oak

1100 sq ft wood flooring
1100 sq. ft. of unfinished oak

880 ft of brazilian Koa with a new plywood subfloor wood flooring
800 sq ft of Brazilian Koa with a new subfloor

custom inlaid work wood flooring
Custom inlaid border work

700 ft of bruce wood flooring
750 ft of Bruce wood including the removal of old carpet